Green Valley's Summer Green/Winter Heat


Summer Green Winter Heat is dual purpose lawn food and ice melt.  In the winter use this product as a nature friendly ice melt that will not negatively affect your landcape or ruin your cement when used as directed.  


In the Summer apply this product to your landscape to produce greener, healthier plants.  Green Heat is high in Nitrogen, does not contain any salt (NaCl) , and will help your soil to retain moisture.


This product is all natural which makes it kid and pet friendly and nature safe. Green Heat is sold in convenient 1 gallon shaker bottles and 13# replacement bags.


Gall 435-257-GREN (4736) to order or for more information.


Summer Green Winter Heat is registered in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada as a dual purpose Fertilizer and Ice Melt.