Workhorse Haulit

The Workhorse Haulit is a heavy duty, pallet delivery, utility trailer that can haul and unload 3 pallets without a forklift.

Green Valley Haulit (Patent Pending)


The Green Valley Haulit™ makes 1 to 4 pallet delivery much more efficient and profitable.  The GV Haulit™ enables hauling and unloading without a forklift.  Simply load your cargo, travel to the drop off point and leave the cargo right where you want it.  Use the remote control activated push off bar to move your pallets on and off the trailer.


No semi or forklift is required to unload the Green Valley Haulit™.


Driving with the Green Valley Haulit™ does not require a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), in most states, which broadens your drive pool.


Drops single-unit delivery costs from over $100 to under $25 per drop.


You can haul just about anything with the Green Valley Haulit™ including 4 Wheelers, Equipment (Mowers, Etc.), Bulk Products, Palletized Products, etc.  

The Deliveryman Haulit will haul and unload 2 pallets, up to 7000#.   Workhorse Haulit 10,000 can handle 3 pallets up to 10,000 pounds.  It has a chain driven push off mechanism to unload the pallets without a forklift.


To purchase or for more information visit or call 435-257-GREN (4736). 

Cost Comparison

You can decrease your delivery cost on 1 to 4 pallet deliveries by 66% if you use the Green Valley Haulit.  Click on this link to learn more.

Financing and Leasing Options

We have financing and lease options available.  Click the link below to learn more about our financing and leasing options.  Learn more by calling 435-257-4736.

Financing and Leasing Options.

Features, Benefits and Testimonials

The newly redesigned Green Valley Haulit has tons of new Features, including heavy duty steel bed, dual axels, chain driven pushoff bar, and more.  Click on the links below to learn more.

Features, Benefits and Testimonials  •  435-257-4736

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