Nature Safe Ice Cutter


Green Valley Earth Products is pleased to introduce a natural Non-Salt Ice Melt.  This Non-Salt product is kid and pet friendly, landscape safe, and will not ruin your driveway like salt-based ice melt.  Nature Safe Ice Cutter melts to around 0 degrees F. Slip guard is included to increase traction.  The colorig agent is organic and photo-degradable.


Packaged in convenient 1 Gallon Shaker Bottles, 4 Pack Boxes, and 5 Gallon Buckets, Nature Safe Ice Cutter is a convenient earth-friendly, non-salt Ice Melt.  Look for it at local convenience, home improvement, and hardware stores near you.  This is also sold on Amazon and is currently #43 in its category.


Representatives, Disributors and Retail Outlets are currently being sought.  If you are interested in carrying this product in your store, or would like to purchase this environmentally friendly product in bulk please contact Green Valley at 800-394-0238.  •  435-257-4736

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